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100 x 1,4 mm, L. 1000 mm

cod. 1LA0100V0X001V4LI000
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Anisotropic pultruded carbon fibre rod with very high tensile strength epoxy resin matrix.

Resists chemical and salty environment corrosion, extraordinarily stable even under changing temperatures, electrically conducting and antistatic.


Excellent for use in structural and anti-seismic reinforcement, with incomparable tensile strength.  It is widely used for reinforcing concrete, metal and wood beams, in strengthening walls, vaults, columns and ceilings.


Examples of application:

  • concrete mix reinforcement
  • excellent in general restructuring
  • horizontal or oblique reinforcements for beams, concrete beds, roofs, domes
  • cantilevered reinforcements for terraces or similar
  • vertical reinforcements for plinths and columns, retaining walls
  • general reinforcements