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Ø 10 mm. L = 2000 mm.

cod. 2TO0010V0X000V0LI000
€ 36,78



Smooth solid rod 

Anisotropic pultruded carbon fibre rod with high tensile strength and high flexural strength epoxy resin matrix.

Exceptional stiffness/lightness ratio, resists chemical  and salty environment corrosion.

Extraordinarily stable even under changing temperatures, highly resistant to wear and tear.


Widely used in industrial automation and robotics, optical and measurement instruments, precision handling,  aeronautics, sports, agriculture, in orthopedic fasteners, in place of metals or other stiff parts.

Can be easily coupled to metals and wood using bushes and/or epoxy resin or with appropriate mechanical fixing is suitable for embedding in concrete.



Examples of application:

  •         rotary shafts and rollers for small automatic machines
  •         concrete mix reinforcement
  •         drones
  •         robotized mechanical hands
  •         optical, measurement, and printing machines
  •         automatic machines and warehouse  –  shelving
  •         multi-axis robots, palletizers, sideshifters,  crate filling machines, grippers
  •         orthopedic braces
  •         arrows for bows
  •         reinforcement for fabrics and sails
  •         yarn combers