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Our workshop specialised in mechanical processing, designs and manufactures joints and metal accessories dedicated to carbon profiles.

  • Technical consulting
  • Drawings and Solid Edge 3D simulations
  • Metal – carbon connection parts
  • Housings for bearings – roller conveyors
  • Telescopic pipes – tie rods – plates
  • Joints to the customer’s drawing for the construction of robots, moving parts, grids, stands, trusses, frames
Focussed principally on solving the Customer’s problems, we are able to produce prototypes or standard turnkey supplies, seeking the best software solution.

3-D drawing reduces the possibility of geometrical errors almost to zero. The workshop is able to carry out the most varied mechanical processes including drilling, milling, turning, as well as welding and brazing for particular metals.

The offer is completed by the possibility of assembling and gluing metal and carbon.


• Machine frames • Modular structures, racks, gazebos • Parts or frames for various equipment • Light and highly resistant shelving • Robotic manipulators • Optical, metrological and printing machines • Automatic warehouses, shelves • Multiaxial robots, palletisers, stacker translators, grippers • Sailing, marine

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Open profiles

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